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Trijya is a collaboration of the artists, musicians and literature experts working for the promotion of the rich Indian art and culture. The organisation endeavours to impart knowledge and disseminate information to get next, who are increasingly getting dissociated with our art and cultural heritage due to a variety of reasons. TSS has undertaken several effective steps and initiatives to bring youth closer to India’s glorious tradition.

The members of this very organisation are not only persons of eminence but also a common man with sincere commitment to serve the nation by promoting art and culture. Shaping the future of youth is one of the honest objectives of the organisation. Bringing out positive change in our education system to make more effective is another focus area. The organisation is not only restricted to urban central but entire nations. 

Towards meeting these ends, various well-designed strategies and policies are being implemented after careful consideration.

Our Story

“Shielding the aura of rich Indian culture”

Trijya is a noble venture of some eminent social activists with an aim to promote the rich Indian culture and safeguard it from falling prey to proliferation of western civilization. Since liberalization, the onslaught of globalization has pushed our youth towards the culture and lifestyle which is beyond the acceptance by our society. 

In order to protect rich heritage of our nation, the non-government organization ‘Trijya’ has taken up the task of spreading awareness about various aspects of our tradition and culture.The organization undertake various activities such as Literature, Music, Fine Arts, Theatre workshops and various discussion sessions to encourage and explain the people especially to the youth about the importance of our culture and how we can maintain its sacredness at a time when western culture is fast spreading its roots.

We are privileged to have many professionals on board to assist us in our work for spreading awareness as to how blind following of western culture is adversely affecting our society. 

The sincere idea of promotion of Indian art and culture has not only caught attention of the common man but also celebrities, politicians and other high society people.

The basic premise of this organization is welfare and strengthening of society by connecting people to rich heritage of our nation. Youth of this nation who are increasingly getting disconnected under the influence of consumerism can be informed about glorious past of this great culture. This will not only enrich them but also help them in making our society better place to live in.

Well thought-out planning and strategies have been laid out to achieve maximum output and achieve our end objective.

Events are updated on the weekly basis on our official website not only for information but to encourage people for association with us for promoting our own Indian art and culture.


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Our Programs


Academic journal
The academic journals will have in-dept literature on the sector and research based statistics and papers. It will give a detailed presentation of various initiatives undertaken for the welfare of the students. There will be features on various aspects impacting life of students and their success stories. This will not only provide platform to our organization but the budding talents will also get opportunity to showcase their flair.

We aim to provide education to all the children of this country. Educating youth of the country helps in building better tomorrow. Education makes people self-dependent and empowers them to judge between good and bad. We intend to publish books especially for the people of rural areas. There is utmost need for spreading the knowledge in the hinterland at present. The urbanization and changing lifestyles have distanced people more particularly youth from our rich culture and tradition. Books would have lucid text and pictorial descriptions for easy reading and comprehension. Very soon, the organization will publish certain books for the growing children with a view to nurture their childhood towards the right paths.

The newspapers that our organization wishes to publish would have a strict focus on the kids falling under the age group of 10 to 15 years. Undoubtedly, there will be knowledge pool for the other age groups also but the sections would be devoted with a view to nurture budding flowers of the country. There is an urgent need to embed culture and history of our country in kids, an age when adaptation is an easy affair. Tender age is the best time to make our children learn moral, values and ethics. Let’s join our hands for this dutiful deed to make our homeland an aesthetic one.

We would not only demonstrate our students and our staff members’ efforts through ceremonies and functions but also in the magazines and newspapers. It would be our endeavour to get events and activities published in media prominently. Very soon, there will be a separate corner for the Trijya Samajik Sanstha news and updates that will give regular information about the upcoming events within the society and programmes in which people can participate actively and make a contribution in shaping future of youth of India. If our organization continues to grow in a similar manner with support of people, we would come out with our own magazine in the foreseeable future.


We are in the process of adding more Impact Stories.


We are in the process of adding more opportunities.

You can send your query or feedback and we promise to get back to you in the shortest possible time. Feel free to send your suggestions for taking organization to pinnacle. If you wish to join our organization, you are welcomed to render your valuable support for the noble cause of promoting Indian art and culture. You can also support us in raising funds for the organization.


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